31st May to 2nd June 2005

Written Treasures of Bhutan:
a mirror of the past, a bridge to the future

General objectives of the Conference:

  1. To provide opportunity to objectively reflect on Bhutan's past, which in turn would provide insights into the present and help us determine the future direction in the area of literary and scriptural heritage and document the results.
  2. To strengthen the National Library to perform its mandated institutional role as the national repository of all documents in print, audio and video forms produced in any language, emanating from or relat-ing to Bhutan, through the contributions of both the local and international scholars participating in the conference.
  3. To provide an impetus to the implementation of the institutional strengthening project supported by the Danish Government through the Royal Library of Denmark, Copenhagen, especially in the area of cataloguing, analyzing and describing of materials for present and future collection.
  4. To create a forum for interaction with scholars, who are established authorities on Bhutanese history, religion, literature, medicine, astrology and art internationally.
  5. To enhance research capacity of the National Library of Bhutan staff in particular and the local researchers in general.


Foreign Participants

Participants from the Twinning Project

Other Guests from the Twinning Project

Local Participants

  • Dr. C.T.Dorji, Joint Director, National Museum of Bhutan, Paro
  • Mr. Chang Dorji, Consultant Lecturer, ILCS & Ex-Chimmi
  • Mr. Damchoe Lhendup, Independent Researcher & Ex-Dungpa, Lobesa
  • Mr. Dorjee Penjore, Research Officer, Centre for Bhutan Studies, Thimphu
  • Mr. Tandin Dorji, Curriculum Officer, CAPSD, MoE, Paro
  • Dasho Khandro, Independent Researcher & Ex-Hon'ble Judge, High Court
  • Mr. Kunzang Thinley, Writer & Researcher, KMT Publishers, Thimphu
  • Dasho Lam Sang-ngag, Independent Reseacher & Ex-Principal, ILCS, Thimphu
  • Mr. Lham Dorjee, Research Officer, Centre for Bhutan Studies, Thimphu
  • Mr. Phendey Legshed, In-charge, Thram Records, DCP, Department of Culture
  • Mr. Singye Namgyal, Principal, National Institute of Education, Paro
  • Mr. T.S.Powdyel, Director, Centre for Educational Research & Development, Paro

Conference Schedule

Day One: Tuesday, 31st May 2005

Opening Ceremony

Time Event
09:00 Arrival of the Participants
09:10 Arrival of the Invited Guests
09:20 Arrival of the Chief Guest, H.L. the Hon'ble Chief Justice of Bhutan
09:25 Marchang Ceremony
09:30 Welcome Address by Secretary, Department of Culture
09:40 Address by the Director General of the Royal Library of Denmark
09:50 Inaugural Address by the Hon'ble Chief Guest
10:00 Vote of Thanks by the Director, National Library of Bhutan
10:10 Refreshements

Session One

Time Title of the Paper Speaker Chairman
11:00–11:30 Contribution of Gaden Serkong Dorjechang Towards Development of Religious and Cultural Life of the People of Bhutan. Ven. Dobum Tulku Dr. Karma Phuntsho
11:30–12:00 mDa dar gyi skor las bshad pa Dasho Khando "
12:00–12:30 Notes on Drukpa Kagyud and Bhutanese Painting Prof. D. Jackson "
12:30–13:00 The TBRC Database and its Relevance to Bhutanese History Mr. Gene E. Smith "

Session Two

Time Title of the Paper Speaker Chairman
14:00–14:30 'Od gsal lha yi brgyud pa ’brug lu 'byung tshul gyi lo rgyus pad dkar 'phren mdzes Ven. Dobum Tulku
Prof. Y. Imaeda
14:30–15:00 Gyalse Tenzin Rabgye and the Celebration of Tshechu in Bhutan Dr. John Ardussi "
15:00–15:30 Bhutan and Thailand: Shared Literary Values Shared Texts Mr. Peter Skilling "

Session Three

Time Title of the Paper Speaker Chairman
16:00–16:30 Gantey’s Untold Treasure Dr.Karma Phunthso
Mr. Gene Smith
14:30–15:00 Literature & the Construction of National Imaginaries Mr. T.S. Powdyel "

Day Two: Wednesday, 1st June 2005

Session Four

Time Title of the Paper Speaker Chairman
09:00–09:30 Hevajra in Buddhist Literature & Imperial Ceremonies Dr. Shashibala
Mr. T.S Powdyel
09:30–10:00 Religious Life and history of the Emanated Heart son Thuksay Dawa Gyeltshen Mr. Lham Dorji "
10:00–10:30 Scriptural Peculiarities in Tibetan and Bhutanese Administrational Documents Mr. Gregor Verhufen "

Session Five

Time Title of the Paper Speaker Chairman
11:00–11:30 The Role of Rimdro in Buddhist Practices: An Analysis of Jabzhi Mr. Singye Namgyel Lopon Lungten Gyatso
11:30–12:00 The Role of Guru Rinpoche and the Lha srin sde brgyad as protectors of Bhutan Dr. Françoise Pommaret "
12:00–12:30 Appropriation of Lha ’Ode Gong rgyan: Scriptural Analysis Mr. Dorji Penjore "
12:30–13:00 A Survey of Bhutanese Literature by Indigenous Writers with Annotations Dr. C.T. Dorji "

Session Six

Time Title of the Paper Speaker Chairman
14:00–14:30 Shakya mchog ldan on Buddha Nature Ms. Anne Burchardi Ven. Dobum Tulku<
14:30–15:00 dGe slong gi mi tshe Mr. Phendey Legshed "
15:00–15:30 Preliminary Study of a locally documented text on the words of good wishes sung during ramming mud walls Mr. Tandin Dorji "

Session Seven

Time Title of the Paper Speaker Chairman
16:00–16:30 Mi pham dge legs rnam rgyal (1618-1685) and His Reply to the Famous Pamphlet of Zur mkhar ba Blo gros rgyal po (1509-1579) Mr. Olaf Czaja Prof. D. Jackson
16:30–17:00 A comparative view of Bhutanese and Japanese Buddhism through the funeral rituals Prof. Yoshiro Imaeda "

Day Three: Tuesday, 2nd June 2005

Session Eight

Time Title of the Paper Speaker Chairman
09:00–09:30 Literature on Bhutan in LTWA Mr. Losang Shastri Dr. F. Pommaret
09:30–10:00 Digitization of Tibetan & Himalayan Buddhist Resources Prof. David Germano "
10:00–10:30 Yi gu’i khungs dang dgos pa gces srung brtsi bskur ’bad dgos pa’i bskul ’debs Mr. Kunzang Thinley Mr. Singye Namgey

Session Nine

Time Title of the Paper Speaker Chairman
11:00–11:30 In the Trail of Jamgon: His Visit to the Court of the Derge Ruler in Kham Prof. Per K. Sørensen Dr. John Ardussi
11:30–12:00 ’Brug gi ’das mchod rnam gzhag Mr. Damcho Lhundrup Mr.Tandin Dorji
12:00–12:30 The Letter of Zhabdrung Written to the King of Tsang Prof. Samten Karmay Dr. John Ardussi
12:30–13:00 ’Brug gi bzo rig bcud bsdus Mr. Chang Dorji Mr.Tandin Dorji

Session Ten

Time Title of the Paper Speaker Chairman
14:00–15:00 Wrap up session for the Conference Mr. Dorjee Tshering
Prof. P. K. Sørensen

Closing Ceremony

Time Event
16:00 Arrival of Guests
16:10 Arrival of the Chief Guest, H.E. the Hon'ble Minister for Education;
16:15 Welcome Address by the Director, National Library
16:20 Highlights/Summery of the Conference by one of the Participants
16:30 Address by the Chief Guest, the Hon'ble Minister for Education
16:40 Vote of Thanks by the Joint Director, Department of Culture, MoHCA
16:50 Refreshements

Conference Proceedings