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November, 2009

visit of Dr. H.K. Kaul, Director of DELNET

Dr. H.K.Kaul, Director of DELNET and Library Specialist was in Bhutan at the invitation of the National Library & Archives of Bhutan from 20th to 27th November, 2009. Dr. Kaul was here in connection with the proposal of the construction of modern library at the NL. He shared his profound wisdom on the modern library concept with NL staff. He will be preparing a complete report on modern library physical structure and infrastructure, and also on three regional branch libraries to be submitted to the Indian Embassy in Thimphu.

During his stay, he also delivered a talk on the Networking Knowledge: The Role of National Library. In his presentation, he shared his ideas in the field of library development, professional manpower, accessing networked digital resources, emerging digital resources. The presentation was attended by the librarians from the various institutions.


October, 2009

Preservation/Conservation Workshop

The National Library & Archives of Bhutan in collaboration with The Royal Library, Denmark a Trainers’ Training on Preservation/Conservation Workshop has been organised for six working days from October 21-28, 2009 at the National Library & Archives with the help of Two Scandinavian Consultants (Mr. Jonas Palm, Head of the Division of Preservation, National Archives of Sweden and Ms. Birgit Vinther Hansen, Senior Conservator, Royal Library Denmark). The two preservation experts had been helping the National Library & Archives to run two previous workshops focusing on deterioration, damage assessment, conservation, environment and preservation in June 2005 and September 2007, and this is the concluding one in series of three.

The aim of this Training Workshop is to get the National Archive staff and other Bhutanese participants to form a nucleus of preservation knowledge – a creative environment for preservation issues – and to train them to implement their knowledge as consultants for preserving the Bhutanese documentary heritage – as found in Dzongs, Lhakangs Goendeys, Cultural Institutions and in other different record keeping/creating agencies around the country.

The Training Workshop has been attended by Monks, Conservators and Preservation Administrators.


February, 2009

Lopon Pemala

Lopon Pemala pass away

Lopon Pemala, 83 years old passed away at 11 pm on February 27, 2009 at Nimalung. He was the second Director of National Libary, more information on his history. Please visit the Link: Lopon Pemala

Can get more information from Kuenselonline: Kuenselonline