IT & Digitization Section


The IT & Digitization section has been responsible for creating a catalouge database of the National Library's entire collection. In 2007 we began converting this data to ISO 10646 / Unicode encoding and transfering it to an library management system hosted by the Royal Libray of Denmark. Our Online Public Access Catalouge is now available through the internet.

National Rare Text Documentation Survey

In order to discover Bhutan's rich literary treasures and preserve important and rare documents for the nation, the IT division along with the Research Division is carrying out a survey of rare texts and documents throughout the country under a Danida funded project. The survey includes the registration of rare texts and their location the details of which are entered into a database for future reference. Where particlarly rare or important manuscript or xylograph texts are discovered, their contents are catalouged and many are either digitised on location by members of our survey team, or brought back to the National Library for microfilming.



In addition to digitising rare texts as part of the documentation survey, the IT section is also responsible for digitizing important works held in the National Library & Archives itself. Until now this has involved scanning, or photographing these texts but in future we also hope to do data entry of the content of some important works we hold so that these can be made available in a more useful format which can be searched and indexed.

TBRC in New York has donated to the National Library hard drives containing several thousand volumes of scanned texts in Chöké. TBRC also donated a laser printer so that we are able to print out these texts and make them available to monastaries, shedras and scholars in Bhutan.

Other Activities

Web Site

This website is developed and maintained by the IT section of the National Library. It is one of the very first websites in the country using Unicode character encoding for Dzongkha. - Most pages on this are accessible in both Dzongkha and English.

Online Access

The IT Section hopes to make digital images of some of the material held in the National Library & Archives available online. Other material may be made available later through the National Digital Library of Bhutan project.

ICT Support & Development

We also provide ICT support, and training to other sections of the library. We hope to make training material and documentation developed by the NLB IT section which may useful for other users in Bhutan available from this website.

Dzongkha Fonts

Fonts necessary to display Dzongkha in web browswers will be made freely available through this website, along with instructions on configuring computer systems to properly display Dzongkha web pages.