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Welcome to the Publication and Printing section of the National Library of Bhutan website. The National Library's publishing schedule includes traditional style religious works either hand-printed from carved wood-blocks or metal blocks onto hand made paper; photo-offset books printed from a master set onto modern paper in the traditional loose page (pecha) format; as well as modern western style books on religious or cultural topics written in either Dzongkha or English.

Bookshop with NLB Publications
Woodblock carving


The library operates a small retail bookshop where our publications and other traditional texts are available.


This section lists the publications of the National Libray of Bhutan - both books and traditional pecha

Woodblock Carving

This section gives some details about woodblock carving at the National Library


Details of our printing section.


Details of how to order publications from the National Library of Bhutan.


Details of our Microfilming section and of the microfilming services we offer.