Traditional Publications


The National Library Press, produces a number of traditional texts in Chokey or Classical Tibetan. These are hand-printed from wood-blocks or metal-blocks onto traditional Bhutanese handmade paper.

The titles we print include some of the greatest treasures of Chokey (chos skad) literature including the complete Collected Works of the Omniscient Padma Karpo and the Seven Treasures of Longchenpa.

These texts may be purchased from our bookshop or ordererd from the National Library. Please see: ordering information.

Title Author Folios Code Price Status
mDo mang Buddha 700      
Kun mkhyen bka' 'bum (12 vol) 'Brug Kun-mkhyen Padma dKar po 7,329
klong chen mdzod bdun (7 vol) Kun mkhyen kLong chen Rab byams        
ngal tso khor gsum &
rang sgrol khor gsum
(4 vol)
Kun mkhyen kLong chen Rab byams       A
Padma bKa'i Thang yig 274      
rJe Yon tan mTha' Yas gSungs 'bum rJe Yon tan mTha' yas 619      
Kun bZang bla ma'i zhal lung 205
rJe 'Jam dByang rGyal mTshan rNam thar 233
rJe Ngag dBang rGyal mTshan rNam thar 237
rDzogs pa chen po khri Ye shes bla ma'i ma bu lde mig 272
Bar do thos grol bsDus pa dpe thung 109
'Phags pa Thugs rJe chen po'i gDams ngag dpe thung 11
'Phags pa Thugs rJe chen po'i dar lcog 15
bKa' gyur sNying po ro lcog 5
'Phags pa bZang po sPyod pa'i sMon lam 6
bsKye bo lugs kyi bsTan bcos 8

Status: A = Available, N = Not available, L = Limited stock, P = Printing (shortly available).