The NLAB currently houses more than 10,200 xylographic woodblocks on 23 different titles of religious texts as follows:    

  • mDo mang – (700 folio)
  • Kun mkhyen bka’ ‘bum (12 vol. / 7,329 folio)
  • rJe Yon tan mTha’ Yas gSungs ‘bum (619 folio)
  • rJe ‘Jam dByang rGyal mTshan rNam thar (233 folio)
  • rJe Ngag dBang rGyal mTshan rNam thar (237 folio)
  • Padma bKa’i Thang yig (274 folio)
  • Kun bZang bla ma’i zhal lung (205 folio)
  • rDzogs pa chen po khri Ye shes bla ma’i ma bu lde mig (272 folio)
  • Bar do thos grol bsDus pa dpe thung (109 folio)
  • ‘Phags pa Thugs rJe chen po’i gDams ngag dpe thung (11 folio)
  • ‘Phags pa Thugs rJe chen po’i dar lcog (15 folio)
  • bKa’ gyur sNying po ro lcog (5 folio)
  • ‘Phags pa bZang po sPyod pa’i sMon lam (6 folio)
  • bsKye bo lugs kyi bsTan bcos (8 folio)
  • gZungs chen sDe lnga bsdus pa (1 folio)
  • Badzra gu ru’i gZungs (1 folio)
  • bDe bShegs sPyi’i gZungs (1 folio)
  • Srin dug ‘khor lo rtsa ba’i gZungs sNgags (1 folio)
  • Srin dug ‘khor lo’i las Byor gZungs sNgags (1 folio)
  • Yul ‘Khor gZungs (1 folio)
  • bDud sKrag gZungs (1 folio)
  • bDud kyi nus Zhom gZungs (2 folio)
  • Ma ni badzra gu ru mi ‘Khrugs pa’i gZungs (1 folio)
  • gShin po’i don du zhi khro btags grol (11 folio)
  • gShin po’i don du mi ‘khrugs pa’i rgya grol (1 folio)

From time to time, according to demand, these texts are printed in the traditional manner on handmade paper. Subject to availability, copies of these texts, may be ordered from the National Library or purchased from our bookshop.