Reference Service

Reference Services for Choekey and Foreign language collections

 Reference service, sometimes referred to as “reference or information services” or “reader services”, is defined as a personal assistance provided to users of library in the pursuit of information. Reference service is characterized by a high degree of personal interaction between library staff members and library users. The service is typically provided to individual users or specifically identified small groups of users, and the information needs of the users are known at the time of the interaction. Reference service has three major aspects or service techniques:

  1. Information service, which consists of finding needed information for the user or assisting the user in finding such information;
  2. Instruction in library use, consisting of helping users learn the skills they need to find and use library;
  3. Guidance, in which users are assisted in choosing library materials appropriate to their educational, informational, recreational needs.

In addition to these “direct” reference services, reference librarians provide “indirect” services. These include building and maintain a collection of bibliographic tools and other information sources, participating in cooperative programs to provide users access to resources outside the library, and various administrative activities.


The National Archives building is not open to the general public, but genuine researchers can make an appointment if they need to view particular materials held here.

Unlike the library reading facilities, archives materials are considered rare and precious thus, we take extra cautious in providing the reading freedom. However, an interested one may visit the library and consult with the director and avail both digital record and duplicate archival resources.