Print Heritage Museum Services

In recent times, with the introduction of easy modern computer technology, traditional calligraphic and print heritage is increasingly under threat. With the sincere hope of contributing to the twin goals of preservation and promotion of this noble heritage for posterity, the NLAB has established a small museum on Traditional Print Heritage. The museum display includes the raw materials and equipment for traditional papermaking; materials and engraving tools for xylographic woodblocks, raw materials and tools for printing; a variety of inks and ink-making ingredients, as well as ink pots, pen materials, and pen containers; texts and documents written in different inks using a range of calligraphic styles; writings by famous historical figures; writing samples from contemporary calligraphers; and examples of older printing technologies, such as typewriters.

NLAB would like to invite general public especially young children to visit our museum where you will be guided with video documentary and live talk by our staff so as to enable you to understand and value our rich print heritage that our country is proud of.