The NLAB conducts research, documentation and translation on a wide range of topics relating to the Bhutanese historical, cultural & religious fields and publishes the results of this research.

The objective of research and publication is not so much to generate revenue but rather to disseminate our findings and thus enhance public awareness of our cultural heritage and history. But the most important motive is to publicly promote the importance of preserving, conserving, safeguarding of knowledge of our local and national heritages not just locally, but also within the global arena.

This is a particularly opportune time to disseminate such information to our younger generations, now comprising more than 50% of Bhutan’s population, who are very much caught up in the IT revolution and in danger of losing touch with their cultural roots. The interest of these younger generations in Bhutan’s rich cultural heritage is a prerequisite for securing our cultural sustainability.

The results of research and documentation and any are printed related works are printed through government system of tender process. Since 1998 the following books were published as a result of the research programmes.


The Publications can be purchased from the NLAB Bookshop, situated at the NLAB complex in Kawajangsa, Thimphu. Please note that our publications are only available at the NLAB Bookshop.